At the expense of our “Faith

In a recent Christian Post interview : Pamela G. Wilson, former journalist and author of the new book Finding Soul Brothers: Dismantling Black Christian Racialism,”  commented

CP: Can you address in more detail why black Christians vote against their values?Wilson: Here’s why. It all goes back to black unity. If you go back to things that are most important to a particular voting demographic, like African Americans, the things that are most important to them are issues of affirmative action, civil rights, equality in the United States and all these different things that they believe they have fought for for so many years.This is what is very odd about it – it’s like a knee-jerk thing – even people who have achieved a great measure of success, who are professionals who live in half-million-dollar houses are still doing the same thing and saying, “We got to fight for rights!”

I’m not saying racism doesn’t exist and there is no discrimination, but we have come away from where people had to rally behind someone because you needed them to support you so you can have fairness in the United States.

I feel people are stuck in that and it’s hard to get out of it and people have said time and time again, “Well somebody told me to vote this way because they’re there for black people,” and without even thinking about it.

That’s where in my book I said we have to stop this. I can understand a non-Christian black American doing that, but when it comes down to an African American Christian, I think they are doing it for the same reason the rest of the secular black people do it -because it is a racial unity thing.

People just jump on the black bandwagon at the expense of their faith.(italics mine) Civil rights is an important issue but I think people need to look past that, particularly if you are a Christian and espouse the belief that God will help you overcome all your obstacles.

I’ll give you another example. Let’s look at something like the Gospel Music Awards. They will put a secular entertainer in there where their lifestyle, their music or their entertainment does not reflect biblical values. But they will include them in it because they are a prominent black person.

You’ll see prominent people in the religious community hang around with high profile people in the music industry just because they are high profile and they’re black. That again goes back to black unity. Instead of holding people accountable and saying, “I appreciate you as a young person in the entertainment industry but your music really doesn’t reflect what we believe God wants you to do as a young person,” there are examples after examples where Christians have chosen black unity over their faith. And I call that being unequally yoked. ”

Why is it in the african american community that we often times just jump on the bandwagon at the expense of our faith? The African American community is seeminingly the most spiritual however when it comes to issues of how we vote in our local, state or national elections we will sacrifice our faith or what we believe in our hearts for that candidate that is what we may feel is one of our own.

If we trust in the Lord like we say we do then in my opinion we should start voting based upon our faith in how He says we should live. 

D John 


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