Accepted and no partiality

“It is incumbent upon us, as those who profess our desire to see a reunion of the Christian churches, to understand and gain an appreciation for the African American Christian tradition, so that we might be equipped to bridge the gap between Christians from these denominations and those within many of our own predominantly white American conservative Protestant traditions”  Jonathan Bonomo

What God has declared clean you must not call common. Do our traditions line up with the instuction of our Creator who has accepted us? Our freedom to worship together and reconcile our differences begin with our adoption in Christ. We have to know Christ, really know Christ to be free of these racisms, or classisms to truely be united.

God makes no distinction between us and those not like us, as he purifies us by faith. ” For by one Spirit we were all baptized into one body’ whether Jew or Greek, whether slave or free, and have all been made to drink into one Spirit” It is our unity with Christ that brings us together.

As we examine the racial tensions in the church specifically what is it that is apparent? Its the primary point that we are divided. By laying down our traditions and learning to respect each others positions only stengthens the body of Christ. There is a need to strengthen ourselves in the church and our brothers and stand for Christ!

” And here, dear friends, one must not insist upon his rights, but must see what may be useful and helpful to his brother, as Paul says, Omnia mihi licent, sed non omnia expediunt, “‘All things are lawful for me’, but not all things are helpful” 1Cor 6:12. For we are not all equally strong in faith, some of you have a stronger faith than I. Therefore we must not look upon ourselves, or our strength, or our prestige, but upon our neighbor, for God has said through Moses: I have borne and reared you, as a mother does her child Deut 1:31. What does a mother do to her child? First she gives it milk, then gruel, then eggs and soft food, whereas if she turned about and gave it solid food, the child would never thrive 1Cor 3:2, Heb 5:12-13. So we should also deal with our brother, have patience with him for a time, have patience with his weakness and help him bear it; we should also give him milk-food, too 1 Pet 2:2,cf. Rom14:1-3 as was done with us, until he, too, grows strong, and thus we do not travel heavenward alone, but bring our brethren, who are not now our friends, with us. If all mothers were to abandon their children, where would we have been? Dear brother, if you have suckled long enough, do not at once cut off the breast, but let your brother be suckled as you were suckled. I would not have gone so far as you have done, if I had been here. The cause is good, but there has been too much haste. For there are still brothers and sisters on the other side who belong to us and must still be won.”  Martin Luther 1st sermon at Wittenberg 1522

Taken from [book] The Faithful Preacher: Recapturing the Vision of Three Pioneering African-American Pastors 

 If the church is to prosper and mature, she will need faithful men to lead and care for her. The church will need men who are sound in doctrine, whose lives are guided by the Word of God, and who are willing to defend the truth. The church will need to hold up as its ideal those who model fidelity and love toward God, men who will pour themselves out for the benefit of the Lords sheep. Men of this mold are gifts to the church from her Lord.”

We need to free ourselves from the captivity of racisim and do as we are commanded and seve Him. This is our mission. Ex 8:1 The Lord speaking to Moses saying ” go to Pharaoh and say to him, ‘Thus says the Lord: ” Let My people go, that they may serve me” 

D John


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