Today I went a -searchin’

For my soul was in despair.

Today I searched in places

That I did not know were there.

I’ve searched my brain for learning.

Many facts I now control;

But there’s an empty feeling-

I hadn’t satisfied my soul.

I’ve searched the far horizons,

Their wonders do I extol;

And still I had the feeling-

I hadn’t satisfied my soul.

I’ve searched in many places

And I’ve played a savant’s role.

Yet I still had the feeling-

These hadn’t satisfied my soul.

Today when I went searchin’,

I found my ultimate goal;

Today I searched the places

That hid deep inside my soul.

“Carl Lee Richards”


You Can’t Go “Home Again”

Over the next few posts I want to share some of the writings of my uncle from his book titled ” Collection in Philosophy in Poetic Verse” written by Carl Lee Richards.

One day I thought I’d go back home.

The house stood on the same old loam.

Somehow I felt so all alone,

Some things were there but most were gone.

I miss my father standing there-

My mother in her rocking chair;

Although some things were still the same,

They were not there to call my name.

I wandered then from room to room,

Each time I felt a bit of gloom.

It did not matter where I ranged,

Some things were there- but things had changed.

The journeys back to anywhere

Bring back the thoughts that you left there.

The trips you take down mem’ry lane

Are but a glimpse of “home again.”

What happened yesteryear is past.

It would be great if it had last-

But time goes on without delay

And things are changing day to day.

It makes no matter how you try,

It’s not the same as days gone by.

Old mem’ries you must hold within

For you can not go ” home again.”

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