Family camps lessons from God

This has been a wonderful week of rest, relaxation, fun and family time. I’m off from work for the week and away at family camp near Lake Michigan, what a beautiful place it is. I’m always in awe of the glory of God revealed in nature. He has so many things that he shares with us that teach us His word that to the naked eye can be overlooked.

While here my daughter and I have so far slid down a natural water slide where the water was ice-cold and shallow. Trust me it was not meant for a big person as you bounce on the rocks on your way down. However, it was a memory that I can never forget and my daughter will have with her for the rest of her life. The following day we went to what is called the dunes these pictures are the best way to describe what I’m talking about. We had to walk a trail  of about 7 tenths of a mile to get             

to our destination, which you see here. Going down wasn’t so bad in fact it was actually fun because as you walked down you would sink, and slide with the sand as you’d go. Our objective was lake Mi and it was worth the hike. As the day came to a close we of course had to climb back up the hill which it was 400 feet from the bottom to the top.

We were maybe 3/4 the way up when my daughter began to give in to fatigue as it was very tough climb. But I began to think about the lessons the Lord teaches us and how his lessons applied here as she asked me to carry her the rest of the way. I said to her no baby I can’t carry you but I will walk along side of you all the way to the end. The Lord is the same way there are challenges in our lives that he wants us to go through so that we are strengthened in the process. He wont carry us because He knows we can make it if we just try. Yet He walks with us all the way through constantly reminding us that He’s right there the whole time.

Well obviously we made it to the top but the lesson for the day wasn’t over. Along the trail the kids saw tons of beautifully sweet berries that were tasty treats. However they were in quite a few areas surrounded by poison ivy. We reminded the kids to be careful so that they didn’t come in contact with it. That’s when it hit me again and I shared with my daughter how sweet and tempting sin is just like the berries we want to reach out and eat them but not paying attention to the poison that’s around and the effect that it will have on our lives.

Well camp is almost over and soon time to go home. Just remember and keep in mind that each day the Lord has life’s lessons for each of us trying to show us what He needs us to know, ask yourself Lord what would you have me learn from this and how can I glorify you because of it?

D John


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