Today Walk…

Today, is a day that the Lord has prepared for you. He has blessed you with new life by waking you. Now, by the grace given to you by our glorious Creator in all humility and harmony walk with Him. In all things may your days journey reflect His glory, that, He receives all praise in how people today see you, they see Him.

I’m reading now this wonderful work written by Octavius Winslow, titled Morning and Evening thoughts. He wrote these words ” believer; a holy, filial, joyful liberty is your birthright. It is the liberty of a pardoned and justified sinner; of a reconciled , adopted child; of one for whom there is ” now no condemnation.” Yet how few of God’s people walk in the full enjoyment of this liberty! How few pray, and love, and confide, as adopted children!

Oh sons of God, rise to this your high and heavenly calling! Your freedom was purchased at a high price-undervalue it not. It is most holy- abuse it not. It binds you by the strongest obligations to yield yourselves unto God, as those that are alive from the dead. Be these the breathings of our soul: “Lord! My sweetest privilege is obedience to you; my highest freedom wearing Your yoke- my greatest rest bearing your burden. Oh, how love I Your law after the inward man! I delight to do Your will, oh my God!”



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