Make your life worth living…

Last night I lost my Uncle Carl. I learned a lot from him. Most of all, how to love your family. So I want to close this year with another of his poem’s.

” Do good when you are able;
rejoice in things you do;
then your heart is stable,
Happy, pure, and true.

Don’t pretend when you do things,
make sure you’re on the track,
then in reminiscence,
with pride you can look back.

Make the best of everything,
make your life worth while;
when you encounter trials,
meet them with a smile.

Be sure your deeds are noble,
no matter what others do
then in retribution,
it all comes back to you.

Life is really what you make it;
but no bowl of cherries,
so make your life worth living
devoid of woes and wearies.”

May your smiles always shine down upon us from heaven. We love you.

D John


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